Once our own need for love has been filled, then we no longer have a need to be self centered but can then take that love and focus on pouring it into others. Once God has fulfilled our needs, we have no reason to be worrying about ourselves, but we are able to focus on those around us and focus on meeting their needs. That’s when you really start living! Nothing is more satisfying than having more than enough love to give. We must give…Continue Reading “On the Way Home”

I had an awesome opportunity to serve this morning. I prayed before class that even though today is my last full day, I will still have more opportunities to help. When I got to class, Joy had texted one of the teachers telling them she is really sick and could not come to class. Also, we couldn’t find any of the books for the lesson for the class. I told the other teachers I could do the lesson by myself with no books, no problem….Continue Reading “My Last Full Day”

I feel I have finally learned what it means to be happy when you have nothing. I have experienced what it means when they say love will cost you everything. It’s so worth it. A few months ago when I was praying I felt God was asking me would I be willing to give up everything: family, possessions, job security… All of it. It was such a scary thought and I tried to ignore it. Now I am realizing that when you are serving His…Continue Reading “Quietness and Trust”

I could not sleep at all last night, I have so many things going through my mind. It’s 4:30 and I’m at the prayer hut already. The guy at the Muslim mosque has been singing for 45 mins straight over the loud speaker! I feel like the three parts of my purpose here have been fulfilled. I definitly have had so many opportunities to serve and help people here. I feel that God has healed me from the past even beyond what I expected. He…Continue Reading “Serving. Healing. Vision.”

This morning when I woke up I was thinking about that song that goes “Ask and I’ll give the nations to you, oh Lord that’s the cry of my heart” and I was wondering to myself where is that verse in the Bible? I went to the prayer hut and when I opened my bible I happend to fall on Psalm 2:8 that says, “Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance and the very ends of the earth as…Continue Reading “Spark of Love”

A note from Tracy: I continue to forward all your comments, and Ashley loves to get them.  I wanted everyone to know that you can text Ashley directly if you would like to.  Just know that she does not always have her phone with her, and it is not always charged.  Iphone users – be sure your text is sent as a text message, not an imessage. Last night Rahab ministry went well.  Nothing extraordinary happened, but we got to visit and talk with a lot of…Continue Reading “Horses and Buckets”

Thanks so much for the comments, they are so helpful and encouraging to me! English class went well; the morning class is younger kids, mostly high school age.  Joy and I have been having fun with the accent difference.  One of us will read something, and then the other reads the same thing, and the students laugh and think our accent difference is so funny. Visiting the jail got canceled today, so our whole team went to feed the village children again.  Today there were…Continue Reading “Thursday Evening”

Thanks for the comments!  English class went well; the students are really fun to work with.  The teacher, Joy, is from England, and I think she will be great to work with.  She seemed really happy to have some help.  I’m going to her morning class in a few minutes, and this afternoon we are going to visit the jail.

(Note from Tracy: Yesterday Ashley was having a bit of a rough time — so many people and so much chaos but somehow she was still feeling alone.  I sent all the blog comments to her to cheer her up, and I will continue to send them). Thank you so much for sending the comments, you have no idea how nice it is to hear from people from home right now.  Thanks so much for the comments, guys! I’m writing early today because a lot…Continue Reading “Gotta keep it on!”

Today when we went to the hospital, I got assigned to the baby section. There were several babies there that needed to be given blood, but the families could not afford it.  One baby was there with the grandmother.  The parents work 5 hours away and  have no phone, so they do not even know the baby is sick.   I really felt that I wanted to do something to help, so I paid for the blood for two of the babies.  There are a lot…Continue Reading “Babies, brave girls, and rice”