“Conflict is not inherently evil. As a matter of fact, when conflict goes away, life most likely left with it…true peace is always the result of victory. I cannot think of a victory that did not first begin with a struggle.” What does it mean to overcome? I think in one way it means to stay in a place of peace no matter what is happening around you. Ask yourself this….would you rather just merely endure conflict or would you rather be victorious in the…Continue Reading “Navigating Conflict”

I am beyond excited  to tell you all that I will be traveling back to Africa in October to attend Iris Global’s Harvest School of Missions! As you may already know, I spent two weeks in Pemba, Mozambique in May working as a short-term missionary with Iris. I set out determined to learn how to serve like He serves and I was seeking a new vision, although at the time I had no idea what I was getting into! During those two weeks God changed my ambitions, gave me a sense of…Continue Reading “A New Adventure”