I was chatting with one of the couples here, Roary and Heather. They are amazingly anointed. He’s from Cape Town and she’s from North Dakota. She said the very first time she saw him she knew he would be her husband. Apparently he’s very prophetic. He asked if I played guitar and said he saw a picture of me holding a guitar. Something that stuck out to me that Heather said was: if you find yourself throughout the day getting annoyed by earthly confines or…Continue Reading “Stop and Ask the Question”

I felt God prompting me to share my testimony with the girls in my house a couple of days ago.  The staff had been sharing theirs, and I felt that after experiencing so much healing and freedom from shame during the first week of school, there is nothing to hide and no need to be afraid. Plus everyone else has pretty intense stories! After I told my story, everyone jumped up and started praying for me, and telling me the things that God was showing…Continue Reading “Lifeline”

We have been on outreach in Barberton, about an hour south of Nelspruit, all weekend. The outreach was amazing; we got to pray and prophesy over a lot of people today and see lots of healing and freedom gained. The kids were amazing; I already miss them! At one point there were a bunch of them twisting my hair like five different ways, basically giving me dreadlocks. It took a while to get them out! The mama of our house (Nana) was crying when we…Continue Reading “Barberton Outreach”

We can’t love and be afraid at the same time. A person that does not want to suffer does not want to learn how to love. I’m discovering that if I have any other motive other then He’s worthy…I will not make it. The other night when Amy was praying over all the girls I felt an electric wave of energy; I experienced His love like I never have before. When I finally got off my face I realized wow…those are the moments when I…Continue Reading “Answer Your Code”

I haven’t had much free time since I arrived in Nelspruit. This week has been non-stop with Rolland Baker, Sean Feucht, and Amy Lancaster. My mind is absolutely blown; I have no idea how I’m going to process all of this! How do we reach the nations? God will give us the strategy. He took a dream of His and He wrapped your body around it. The strategy is His presence. God is not looking for a momentary flash; He’s looking for the faithful. He…Continue Reading “He took a dream of His and He wrapped your body around it.”

We made it to Nelspruit on Saturday. We are staying at the Iris Global “White River” base. All the girls in my group are sharing a room, plus our house mom, so there’s 9 of us. Flushing toilets and showers! Thank you Jesus! Unfortunately, the door creaks really loud, so we early risers made a lot of noise this morning. I was up all night last night with sharp pain in my stomach; I guess something I ate.  And I sprained my wrist moving bags…Continue Reading “Nelspruit Sunday Oct. 19”

We went on outreach again in Johannesburg on Thursday. There were tons of kids that came to play with us; it was so fun! Learning about Jesus with the evangelist cube and trying out Mimi’s sunglasses:

We went to Heia Safari Ranch for family night on Tuesday and had a proper meal and saw some zebras and antelope.  We went back on Friday to charge our phones and use wifi. It is so weird to look out the window and see zebras just chillin’.

Betsy from Restoring the Foundations spoke Wednesday about pursuing the dream God has for each of us, and then Steve Long talked about the orphan spirit. After Betsy’s talk they asked anyone to step forward that was feeling they needed direction and was still trying to figure out their dream. I went to the front of the room and during that time got a crazy good prophesy from one of the staff (see below). Then Mama Yolanda’s brother in law (Yolanda Steed-Zafi is director and founder…Continue Reading “Soaring With Eagles”

Today in class we prayed for all the prodigal sons in our lives. I prayed for three particular ones in mine. It was such a powerful prayer. All the men were gathered in the middle of the tent with all the women praying around them and blessing them, and then someone shouted, “Let’s ask for the men in our lives that we want to be touched by His presence and feel His love, that they will have a divine encounter today!” Oh! I just got…Continue Reading “Prayer for Prodigal Sons”