I pray that we would become so engaged with You that You would become the very essence of our dreams, that You would speak life into us as we abide in You. I ask that we would receive the grace to take all pressure off of ourselves and remember that this life has nothing to do with performance but everything to do with accepting Your love. I pray for continuing breakthrough in intimacy with You and a deeper sense of purpose in our lives. May…Continue Reading “The Essence of Our Dreams”

I had the most amazing experience today helping build a house for a mama in the village. We literally trekked for hours up and down cliffs along the ocean carrying lumber. It was so hot I thought I was going to pass out, and I fell in some mud and then had to go barefoot the rest of the way because my shoes were too slippery. But when we finally got there it was so worth it.  There was so much joy in that mama’s…Continue Reading “Love Looks Like Something”

It is very hot. We are sweating 24/7. Trying to stay clean and wash clothes is quite challenging without running water, but so character building. We’ve had 2 classes with Heidi Baker so far, but then she had to fly out of the country for a few days. I signed up for house building for practical missions but ended up helping the mamas measure rice and beans for the village feeding today. Hundreds of bags! We had dinner with the Mozambican pastors that are coming…Continue Reading “Boundary Lines in Pleasant Places”

Hi everyone, Ashley is not getting to update me as often as before, so I thought I would catch you up on the last week or so. Most of this is from a long Skype conversation we had with her on Saturday. Previous blog posts have been sent to her by me; this one is a summary of things she has told me: Here are some things she is learning: 1. Wandering mind: For example, while in Nelspruit she was thinking about packing for Pemba…Continue Reading “Back in Pemba!”

Early this morning, we set out for Kruger National Park. We saw rhinos, hippos, eagles, giraffes, elephants, zebras, crocodiles, kudus, antelope, many various colorful birds, warthogs, baboons, monkeys and lions. Hoping to see some more cats tomorrow! Leopards and cheetahs and also hopefully hyenas and wild dogs. Had braai for the first time tonight. It’s basically the exact same thing as BBQ. I am so sleep deprived! We had prophetic night with Tineke last night late, then got up at 4am for the safari. We’ll…Continue Reading “Kruger National Park”

Tineke Bouwman from Jongerencentrum Lighthouse told us about a visitation from angels and the 7 keys they gave her to a healthy life: 1. Be a lover – stay in a place of intimacy. 2. Don’t hide your emotions – release them. 3. Be strong and brave! Don’t hesitate. Never give up. 4. Be secure in The Lord. Don’t be insecure. Don’t make yourself an idol. Remember your identity, as a kings kid. 5. Enjoy life! Don’t let the enemy steal your joy, this can…Continue Reading “Seven Keys”

May Your light shine from our eyes and from our hearts. May we receive love to become love. May we be your hands extended to the broken. May our feet follow you into the darkness without fear, carrying the light of your glory. I pray that we would sustain our limitless joy and strength by the rhythm of Your heart. I ask that you would put your courage within us and give us the authority and the perseverance to overcome any obstacle that is in…Continue Reading “HS21 – The School That’s Never Been Done”

More to the healing at the mall story: A few nights ago I was telling some of the other students my struggle with praying for people to get healed. One of them said he was feeling similarly while on outreach, and that The Lord had told him, “pray because I asked you to.”  I thought, wow, it’s so not about me, it’s about hearing His voice and obeying.  In doing so, we allow Him to work through us that His glory is displayed and His…Continue Reading “Healing at the Mall”

On Friday we helped dig ditches and prepare garden soil and got to visit the macadamia farm at Iris Michaels Childrens Village (MCV). Thank you Jesus for giving me the ability to power through! My cough and throat are getting bad; I sound like a man right now, lol but I have more energy than yesterday.  My wrist was fairly swollen after digging, but surprisingly feels much better today. I think soon it will be totally back to normal.