May our character and radical integrity be even greater than our anointing. May our confidence in Him be reflected in our joy. We will not only take back what we have lost but we will advance. We will step out and and He will step in. May our lives testify powerfully of His consistency and relentless love. That He, as always, will never let us go. May He create a beauty in us that shines out. Lord I ask that you would continue to immerse…Continue Reading “Relentless Love”

Last night David Wagner spoke. I am blown away by his gentle fierceness. He shared his testimony, how he has tried to kill himself more than a few times, but every time The Lord stepped in and miraculously saved him and kept giving him a word that he was called to travel the world and save the lost and so bring his brother to salvation. Then he said he felt there were at least 8 people there that were having suicidal thoughts. About 10 people…Continue Reading “Buried Alive”