“I dream the things that never where and ask…why not?” We were born to dream, to make a difference, to change the world. Ask yourself this question…what is truly worth striving for, whether or not you fail or succeed? Vision gives pain purpose. What are you dreaming about, what is it that makes you come alive? Whatever that dream is, it better be bigger than you. It better be so big that without Him you could never accomplish it. The Lord is bringing us into…Continue Reading “Forging the Future”

I know You didn’t bring me halfway across the world to stay the same…please, please don’t let me stay the same. Show me what it looks like to break for Your people. Break me that I may have compassion, that I may share in their hearts, that I may know their pain and truly understand what it means to suffer. I want to be stretched, to endure whatever it takes to become love, whatever it takes to learn compassion. This is what I desire above anything else and…Continue Reading “Sharing the Experience”