Daily Devotional No. 3

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Day 15

Today I ask for Your wisdom and discernment. As I navigate through this next season I pray that you would release over me a spirit of supernatural perseverance. I ask that you would give me direction in regards to this upcoming opportunity. Jeremiah 3:17 “For I will restore you to health and will heal you of your wounds…””Behold I restore the fortunes of the tents of Jacob and have compassion on his dwelling places; and the city will be rebuilt on it’s ruin and the palace will stand on it’s rightful place.”

”Learn to be at peace with what you have to accomplish in this season. Be expectant.”

Promise 15: Thank you for promising your disciples power from on high (Acts 1:8) Thank you for giving us the power to turn the systems of this world upside down. Thank you for promising that when the holy spirit comes upon us that we will receive power. Lord my desire is to be so hungry to You along that we could feed a nation with Your presence. I come to You today with a hungry heart…ready to receive all that you desire to pour into others. “I want to place something of Myself in your hands that will be a provision for many.”

Day 16

I ask that you would fill me with a spirit of discipline. Lord I desire courage and strength to persevere through the next season. Father my desire is not to survive the next season but to thrive in Your presence and to be victorious in overcoming my struggles. Today I choose to view my struggles as opportunities to grow stronger and closer to You. Today I choose to believe that I am enough. I am enough to carry Your presence inside of me. I am enough to pour it out.

Promise 16: Jesus thank you for promising that you will return for us (John 14:2-3) Thank you for the example you have set for us as the radiance of God’s glory (Hebrews 1:3)

Day 17

Lord I ask for supernatural endurance to carry out your work in this season. I so desire to lean how to be selfless, to be present, to stop for the person in front of me and to spill out what you have poured into me. Father I ask for a selfless heart today and a listening ear to hear other’s hearts.

“Never forget that you are free and nothing in this world can separate you from eternity. Again I remind you…do not fear any man (or woman) but take up your cross and follow me. Also remember you are not always meant to be striving but seek rest in my presence and you will learn to feel, express and share authentic joy with others and bring them out of their places of brokenness. I can use you right where you are. Today and every day.”

Promise 17: Thank you for promising that if we search for You we will find You. (Deut. 4:29) Thank you for drawing near to us when we pray to You (Deut. 4:7)

Day 18

Father my desire is to carry heaven around with me instead of my burdens. Holy Spirit I give you free reign to create a bigger world inside of me that the one outside. Lord I thank you that you are bigger than all of my burdens. Today I choose to live as a presence carrier not a burden bearer.

“Stop worrying about ‘getting things done’ all the time. Stop for the person in front of you and be present for them. Let me take care of the rest.”

Promise 18: Thank you for promising protection for your children (Psalm 121) Lord my desire is to go for whatever you have for me…because I know it will always be good.

Day 19

Lord I pray that you would continue to break me past what is comfortable and familiar. My desire is to be anchored in Jesus. No matter what challenges come, no matter how much I am stretched…I will stand secure in You Father God. I will stank unshaken. Lord my desire is that my priorities would match Yours.

Promise 19: Thank you for promising that your love will never fail. (1 Chronicles 16:34) Thank you for being faithful in every way.

Day 20

Father today I come to You with humility and sincere repentance and I long to see Your supernatural power poured out. I fully acknowledge Your greatness and my need for You. I want to become less as You become greater inside of me. James 4:8, 10…”Humble yourselves before the Lord and He will lift you up in honor.” Lord I pray that You would reveal to me today the strengths that you have created within me.

“Show up with a willing heart and let me take care of the rest. Many can write beautiful words but not all can act on those words. Not all carry out what they speak. Be the one to live out the truths you believe.”

Promise 20: Thank you for promising our sins are forgiven, our prosperity restored and our nations healed (II Chronicles 7:14) Thank you that through repentance we can receive an open road to fellowship and blessing. Instead of seeing a list of the impossible before me…I choose to see peace and to receive it.

“Heal my heart and make it clean.
Open up my eyes to the things unseen.
Show me how to love like you have loved me.
Break my heart for what breaks yours.
Everything I am for Your kingdom’s cause.
As I walk from earth into eternity.”
-Hillsong (Hosanna)

Day 21

“Get comfortable with telling people you don’t always have it all figured out. Show your confidence in Me that I will provide for you. Let this confidence become a part of your testimony, a lifestyle of peace, joy and righteousness. Others may be uncomfortable with you not always having a plan, but never fear man. Stand firm and unwavering. Keep your faith anchored in Me.”

Promise 21: Thank you for promising prosperity to Your people when we obey You. (Deuteronomy 30: 15-18) In place of seemingly impossible financial situations…I receive peace. Instead of worrying about deadlines, I choose to immerse myself in peace.

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  1. Great stuff! It seems you have some things in italics which may be quotes, but no reference. Pleas include references for bibiofreaks like me. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. :~}

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