Earlier this year I decided to dedicate 40 days to journaling. But not just any kind of journaling…it turned out to be a very intentional, intimate process. Every day I wrote down what I wanted to say to God and then wrote down what I felt like He was saying to me or thoughts from Him that came to my mind….if any that given day. I wrote them in a notebook, but for the past 21 days I’ve been going through the journal and typing them into…Continue Reading “A Devotional Experiment”

For the past couple of months I’ve been attempting to stay off the grid as much as possible, living in a little piece of heaven on earth. This magical place is a farm located in the Karoo (semi desert), a few hours drive up into the mountains from the coast in the Western Cape. It has been wonderful to be somewhat absent from the outside world and to just be present in my environment here. However…I finally decided to post an update on life this…Continue Reading “Update from South Africa”

Last week while in Los Angeles on a business trip, I had the privilege of connecting with Red Eye, a Non Profit Organization doing Humanitarian events in the Entertainment Industry. I will not soon forget this incredible experience! I got connected through a friend of a friend and was asked to help with transportation from Watts to an event that was happening for the kids on Hollywood Blvd. I had an AMAZING time with the kids, they were absolutely over the moon with excitement! On…Continue Reading “Los Angeles, California”

“I dream the things that never where and ask…why not?” We were born to dream, to make a difference, to change the world. Ask yourself this question…what is truly worth striving for, whether or not you fail or succeed? Vision gives pain purpose. What are you dreaming about, what is it that makes you come alive? Whatever that dream is, it better be bigger than you. It better be so big that without Him you could never accomplish it. The Lord is bringing us into…Continue Reading “Forging the Future”

I know You didn’t bring me halfway across the world to stay the same…please, please don’t let me stay the same. Show me what it looks like to break for Your people. Break me that I may have compassion, that I may share in their hearts, that I may know their pain and truly understand what it means to suffer. I want to be stretched, to endure whatever it takes to become love, whatever it takes to learn compassion. This is what I desire above anything else and…Continue Reading “Sharing the Experience”

May our character and radical integrity be even greater than our anointing. May our confidence in Him be reflected in our joy. We will not only take back what we have lost but we will advance. We will step out and and He will step in. May our lives testify powerfully of His consistency and relentless love. That He, as always, will never let us go. May He create a beauty in us that shines out. Lord I ask that you would continue to immerse…Continue Reading “Relentless Love”

Last night David Wagner spoke. I am blown away by his gentle fierceness. He shared his testimony, how he has tried to kill himself more than a few times, but every time The Lord stepped in and miraculously saved him and kept giving him a word that he was called to travel the world and save the lost and so bring his brother to salvation. Then he said he felt there were at least 8 people there that were having suicidal thoughts. About 10 people…Continue Reading “Buried Alive”

I pray that we would become so engaged with You that You would become the very essence of our dreams, that You would speak life into us as we abide in You. I ask that we would receive the grace to take all pressure off of ourselves and remember that this life has nothing to do with performance but everything to do with accepting Your love. I pray for continuing breakthrough in intimacy with You and a deeper sense of purpose in our lives. May…Continue Reading “The Essence of Our Dreams”

I had the most amazing experience today helping build a house for a mama in the village. We literally trekked for hours up and down cliffs along the ocean carrying lumber. It was so hot I thought I was going to pass out, and I fell in some mud and then had to go barefoot the rest of the way because my shoes were too slippery. But when we finally got there it was so worth it.  There was so much joy in that mama’s…Continue Reading “Love Looks Like Something”

It is very hot. We are sweating 24/7. Trying to stay clean and wash clothes is quite challenging without running water, but so character building. We’ve had 2 classes with Heidi Baker so far, but then she had to fly out of the country for a few days. I signed up for house building for practical missions but ended up helping the mamas measure rice and beans for the village feeding today. Hundreds of bags! We had dinner with the Mozambican pastors that are coming…Continue Reading “Boundary Lines in Pleasant Places”